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About Me


Thank you so much for visiting my website.  My name is Dorothy, and I am a mom to 3 amazing boys.  They are my greatest blessing in life, along with my amazing hubby, who has unconditionally supported my photography journey.  

My love of photography started many years ago when I was in high school.  One semester I took a Photography elective, and I absolutely loved it.  We made cameras out of boxes and learned how to process images in a dark room.  Does anyone even know what a dark room is anymore?!!

After my children were born, I would take tons of pictures of them, and post them online. Everyone loved my work. In fact, many people encouraged me to start my own business. Even though I had loved taking pictures since a was young, I never thought of having my own studio and getting paid for something I love so much. But eventually the encouragement took over and I started Lotus Moments and I love it!

Over the years, I have taken countless classes and workshops to refine my craft.   Learning never stops in an industry that’s forever changing and improving. I am already signed up for two workshops in 2020 and can’t wait! 

I have a studio in Wyckoff New Jersey, and it’s my happy place.  I love creating beautiful, magical, fun, realistic sets for my clients.  I want my clients, both young and old, to have an amazing experience when they come to my studio.  I love when clients walk into my studio and say “Woah” when they see the set I have created for them.  

Every picture holds a memory. A great portrait is more than the end product, it is the entire experience that counts. You may have a beautiful smiling portrait hanging on your wall, but when you look at that picture and you remember what an awful experience you and your child had capturing that image - will you love it as much?  Probably not.  I want you to look at the pictures I create for you and not only love your photos but also remember how much fun the experience was for you and your family.  

I would love the chance to create beautiful images and memories for you and your family.  



The Fun Stuff

  • I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee.  

  • I love Disney World.  

  • I am a hockey mom.

  • I am a heart mom.  

  • I love the blazing summer heat.  

  • I hate the cold, bleak days of the winter.  

  • Florida is my happy place.

  • I love going to NJ Devil's games.

  • I love props.  

  • When I retire, I would like to be a photographer in Disney World.

  • I don’t like New York City.  

  • I love Christmas.  

  • I have watched Elf about a million times. 

  • I love bags; From tote bags to beautiful pocketbooks,    I love them all.  

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