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A Brand New Blog is Blooming!

I'm Excited to Get Blogging!

After putting it off as long as I could, here it is - my blog. While I absolutely love creating unforgettable moments for my clients, I am not the biggest fan or writing about them. For years my husband has been telling me to share my experiences, good, bad, and hilarious, with you in a blog. Initially, I was like, "blog, bog, frog, who cares?!" But as the years passed by I started to build up quite a library of information, stories, and other stuff that just needs to be shared. And so I've done it. Here is my first ever blog post. Please be patient, as I am not Stephen King. My posts will come eventually. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Oh, and let's not tell my husband that I decided to take his advice - I'll hear about it everyday for the next year, lol!

#lotusmomentsphotographys #photoblog

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