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Split Happens.

I promised I would share good, bad, and hilarious here on my blog, so here’s a funny one.

As a photographer, I am all over the place during my portrait sessions. Sometimes during sessions, I might stand on a ladder or a step stool. Sometimes I squat down really low to the ground. Lots of times I’ll even lay on my stomach.

I’m usually a sweaty mess when I am done with a session and often dirty when I shoot outdoors. Anything for that perfect picture, right?

One time I was working with a long-time client and her two kids at a local park in Bergen County. Her daughter was 11 or 12 years old at the time, and her son was just a few months old. Mom wanted some outdoor fall pictures with leaves and all those beautiful fall colors. It was the perfect day. The air was crisp; the leaves were brightly colored, and the sky was perfect for lighting purposes.

The baby was still very little and couldn’t sit up on his own, so I had baskets and different props to use. We went thru the session and everything was great. He was such a happy baby, (still is) and I was so pleased with how the session went.

When I got home from the session, my husband informed me that my jeans had split!!! OMG! It wasn’t a tiny tear either. It was like the parting of the Red Sea! I was so embarrassed! I was so focused on my photo session that I never even realized it. Anyone who was at that park in Bergen County that day got to see my underwear! I guess it could be worse, right? My client never said anything. I told her later on about it, and she laughed and said she never saw a thing. I think she was just being nice! My go-to for sessions is now . . . stretchy pants! Lol

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